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Guest Post by TL Clark

My name is TL Clark, and I was a diamond member of Slimming World. My two and a half stone loss may not sound like much, but it was a struggle, with fewer options to reduce and habits to change. But I achieved it, and have kept the weight off for three years, having adopted a new healthy lifestyle.

However, the experience wasn’t just what was on the outside. I had to look at what was on the inside too, and challenge my perceptions. The aim was not to achieve super model status, but to reach a healthy weight; a very important difference. But what does a healthy weight even look like? BMI is unhelpful.

As I worked on accepting myself; the good, the not so good, and the complex, I became happier. And as clichéd as it is, the increased exercise made me feel better. Having previously been a sceptic, and having chanted the mantra, “If you see me running you’d better join me, as something big and scary is chasing me,” I actually began to jog…for pleasure!

Yes, jogging CAN be fun. Who knew? There was one day in particular which changed my approach. Depression likes to drop in and remind me it exists. On one such day my husband managed to drag me out for a jog (well, a shuffle), and on the way home I realised my emotions were lifted.

I’m also a holistic therapist and trained counsellor, and was overdue a review of my inner self. Life changes all the time, and thus our attitude and approach needs to adapt too. “How others treat you is their own karma, how you react is entirely yours.”

Learned patterns and behaviours serve us well, but they can make us react the same way to new people which is not always appropriate. And you change as a person as you travel through life too. As scary as it is, those defensive walls can be gradually deconstructed once their purpose is fulfilled. The thought had me trembling in my shoes. But taking small steps in the right direction is a great way to approach this.

Being a writer, I decided to put all these lessons to good use, and have incorporated them into a tale of woe and wit; British humour comes as standard. My novel is entitled Self Love. Inspired by, but not based on my own experiences.


Here’s a peek at TL’s novel

The book follows Molly, a bumbling, thirty-something florist with issues.

Love may be the goal…but it will take three things to get there.

~ Positive self-image

~ A muzzle for her snarky inner voice

~ A willingness to take a chance…or have another glass of wine.

This is Molly’s personal-growth-whilst-shrinking story, sprinkled with toils of weight loss, dredging dates, flowering friendship and blooming self-discovery.

Readers are already discovering that Molly is the most relatable character they’ve ever read, and are even being inspired to start their own self-love journey.

“Fun, quirky, meaningful.” ~ Felicia Bates ★★★★★

“A wonderful and inspiring read.” ~ Candi H ★★★★★

“Well written and funny.” ~ Carol Paxman ★★★★★

“I have never related to a character more than I did to Molly” ~ Gemma Cameron ★★★★★

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About the author

TL Clark was born and raised on the south coast of the UK, where she still resides with her husband and spoiled cat. She has released 8 books to date, each exploring love from a different angle.

“I explore many kinds of love with my novels, but realised that the one which we have for ourself is perhaps the most important of all, yet remains the most neglected.”

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