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Cats and Dragons in Wales

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Guest Post by TL Clark

Cats and dragons in Wales…What? “How are those things linked?” I hear you ask.

Well, my Darkness & Light Duology (Love Bites & Love Bites Harder) feature them. Not usually bedfellows, but yes, they’re there.

There are strange folk with glowing eyes who live in the Welsh woods. It turns out they’re elinefae; a sort of cat people. Feline DNA is in their family tree as monkeys are in ours.

There are already legends of felidae, so I started by researching them. They are thought to be found globally in all environments from arctic to desert, and of course, forests. They’re nocturnal and sometimes live in colonies.

They appear in all sorts of ancient literature, including Egyptian, Incan, Roman, and Mayan.

I then had to research cats, and their floating limbs to work out how a humanoid could move in the same way, as my elinefae run on all fours when hunting. Their eyes also glow like cats, so I looked into that too, and even their reproductive cycle. The things authors learn is remarkable.

But this is not all. There are many fantasy creatures in these books, including a rather wonderful Chinese dragon. Yes, I even had to do my homework on these too.

Image source: Pixabay (provided by author)

They don’t have wings like the ones usually associated with Britain, and fly very differently. There’s a whole different mythology to them, and they are often associated with control over water. Knowing this, mine adopted the name Shui, meaning water. Power and strength are often associated, and Shui is no exception. He is the helpful familiar of a Chinese witch in my tale.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Magick, paganism and herbs all had to be studied too. Yes, this is a fantasy series, but with a foot in realism too.


Here’s a peek at TL’s romance novel duology

Love Bites — Book 1

Shakira had never felt at home growing up in Surrey, but as soon as she entered the quaint Welsh village she knew she belonged. Maybe it was because of the welcoming villagers. Or perhaps it was the presence of the others whom she sensed nearby; the ones she saw in her dreams, with their strange glowing eyes.

Fate is not always kind. It gives with one hand and takes with the other. There is a reason she didn’t grow up with her own kind.

A rich tale of witchcraft, fae, sorcery, elinefae and dragons; this is a story for all who dare to believe.

NB Please note this is part 1 of a duology.

This book is suitable for over 18s due to mature content.

May not be suitable for vegetarians.

Book Buy Link: Amazon

Love Bites Harder — Book 2

Shunned by the very people she hoped would give her a home, Kiera has been cruelly torn away from her beloved mate.
A powerful adversary is now on the warpath, so she must seek refuge in the fae realm.
But who is friend and who is foe in this strange land?
Prepare for a battle of good vs evil.

NB Please note this is part 2 of a duology, but can be read as a stand alone.

This book is suitable for over 18s due to mature content; it gets steamy.

Contains witches, elinefae, sorcerers, fae, a dragon and a unicorn.

May not be suitable for vegetarians.

Book Buy Link: Amazon

About the author

TL Clark is a British author who stumbles through life as if it were a gauntlet of catastrophes. Rather than playing the victim she uses these unfortunate events to fuel her passion for writing, for reaching out to help others. She writes about different kinds of love in the hope that she‘ll uncover its mysteries. Her loving husband (and very spoiled cat, who also assisted in this work) have proven to her that true love really does exist. Writing has shown her that coffee may well be the source of life.

You can find her across social media under @tlclarkauthor.

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