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Diablo’s wish

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Guest Post by Gina Briganti

Diablo waited for morning in the soft lighting of the big barn. Nestling down into new oat straw he let himself dream about who would come to ride him.

He used to have one owner. Until one night, a few months ago. Diablo had felt a new feeling. There was a light inside the house across from the barn. Not a light like the one that hung in the barn, so they could see at night. It was a glow that he sensed. It made him curious.

Diablo wished as hard as possible that he could see what was making him feel that way. Horses didn’t go into the house. He didn’t know why, only that in his ten years of life, he’d never been in one or knew another horse who did.

Jason was there with him that night, brushing him until he shined.

Diablo sensed the glow coming closer. It was working! He wished again, for good measure.

Jason walked away, taking the brush and comb with him.

The glow was stronger now. Closer.

Well how do you like that. It was a woman.

She came to stand in front of him. “What can I help you with, big guy?”

Diablo offered his nose for her to pet.

Her touch was warm and gentle.

Jason came out of the shadows and told her that his name was Diablo.

The woman laughed. That meant she was happy.


“You get the joke already. He’s the sweetest horse we have.”

Jason took him for a ride every day after that night. Then one day, he’d brought the woman and taught her how to ride him.

Her name was Angelina. Jason liked to say that she was his little angel.

They rubbed their faces together a lot. That made Jason and the woman shine.

His days were different now. Jason told him that it was okay if Angelina came to ride him by herself when she learned how to take care of him after the ride.

He’d snorted on Jason for saying that. It wasn’t okay for Angelina to ride him without Jason. It was fantastic!

Mystery. That was what Angelina told him it was called when you didn’t know what something was. Who would come to the barn to ride him tomorrow was a mystery.

She’d taught him another word. Adventure.

Angelina took him on adventures. She treated him like he was more than a way to exercise her body. That was another idea she taught him, that humans rode horses for exercise.

She’d solved a question he had wondered about since the first time a human sat on his back and urged him to go forward. They had legs of their own. What did they need him for?

Diablo fell asleep dreaming of his favorite trail, the one that led to a pond surrounded by big rocks that he would lie on in the sun.


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Natural Gifts…where fate gets a good name.

Brittany has shy down to an art. Maybe she needs a push. It’s been years already!

Jack is stubborn personified. Push, push, push.

Jason is having the time of his life in college. All those beautiful women. Ha ha. Not the plan.

Rowan is convinced that his soulmate didn’t incarnate with him in this lifetime. Surprise!

Forget slow and steady, fate has plans for these four couples!

There’s no looking back now.

There are No Yesterdays.


“Who is it that is staring us down?” Lina turned to look for the source of the heat on her back. It was a lovely wedding and she was enjoying meeting everyone, and then there was the scorching gaze on her back; ignoring it wasn’t helping.

She caught the edge of the energy that was reaching for her, followed it until she looked into the burning gaze of a blond-haired, blue-eyed god of a man. She scanned further and saw that there were several dark spots in his aura, ones that she knew to stay away from.

Brittany looked, careful to be subtle about it. “Jason Carapelli. That’s Carter sitting next to him.”

“Carter has a good aura. Strong, cheerful, confident, at least about most things, kind, talented. Looks good, Brittany. He’s interested, too. His energy reaches for yours.”

“It does? What does that mean?” Brittany turned back to her food, not wanting to stare.

“It means he cares about you.” Lina stroked a hand over her friend’s.

“I know that, but in what way?” She sighed.

“Hmm, I see. It could be anything.” Lina agreed. She had the strong urge to draw his aura. That was unusual, too. She almost never approached anyone to offer it.

Dana and Joe finally made their way over to sign the guest book. She smiled at the names of so many of their friends and family. Her gaze froze on one name.

“Joe. Look.” She pointed at the name Angelina Zucchero. “Remember?”

He nodded, showing her that he did remember seeing the name in the Dreaming when they investigated the possibility of her, Lucy and Carter working together. They’d seen this name, on a name plate, through a window, in the building they were now retrofitting to hold their new business venture. He and his wife had the ability to see details of past, present, and future events in their shared dreams. “It’s ahead of Brittany’s.”

That was significant, too. They’d seen Brittany’s name on the other door, along with the credential M.S., which she would start working on next year, and the title of Support Counselor beneath it.

Dana looked up, scanned for Brittany, and saw the dark hair that she’d seen in the photo on the woman beside her. “Oh my! It’s her.” Emotion bubbled up in her throat.

“We’re not the only ones who noticed her. Look.” Joe cuddled his wife into his side, watching his stepson Jason, the resident lady killer now that Stan had taken the happy plunge, approach the young women.

“Hi.” Jason oozed his charm at the beautiful young woman. “I’m Jason Carapelli. Welcome to Sunny Skies Stables.”

Lina thought, oh, no, I’m in trouble.

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Gina Briganti writes paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi romance in north Texas. Her constant companion is a special soul who masquerades as a dog.

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