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Guest Post by Elle Smith

My book, The Way Back Home, a Story Told in Contemporary Poetry, was composed over one summer, and was somewhat of an exorcism of the past. Nevertheless, this poetry was much more than just a collection of poems for a book, as they enabled me to regain my voice, and to air the feelings I had experienced over a number of years.

Life can stifle the true person within us, as we struggle to keep our heads above water, to cope with the daily pressures of life and even simply to be.

We often forget to reminisce and appreciate just how far we have “traveled,” or even to appreciate the challenges we have overcome. However, in this instance and circumstances, I did just that, and wrote about the long list of struggles which could well have left me as a victim in many ways. Thankfully my fight instinct is tenacious and strong. I view these events moreover as a learning curve to develop me as a person; and with hindsight I feel a glow of satisfaction reflecting on how much I have overcome.

Times are such that we can struggle to remove ourselves from the treadmill of life. Fear can paralyze us, and sometimes it takes a jolt of bravery or misfortune to step into the unknown. For me, it was the latter. However this twist of fate has allowed me to explore my creative side, which up to that point had been concealed.

I discovered I had an array of creative skills–drawing, painting, poetry, storytelling, and writing. Poetry was my training ground, and a confidence builder for writing my first novel. Many years ago when I was a teenager, I was told that I was below standard in English. The effect was profound, and for much of my adult life I believed that I had no writing ability, let alone talent. I was amazed when people started to respond to my words on social media, saying just how much my sentiments resonated with them. I still did not believe, and my eureka moment only came when someone explained that writing poetry was more difficult than writing literature, given the writer had to convey complex feelings in limited words.

I had received the validation for writing my mystery novel, and I am pleased to say that I have started to write. My poetry, and indeed, The Way Back Home was a stepping-stone for me to write. I guess all that I need to say is “Watch this space!” as my new book is coming.


Here’s a peek at Elle’s poetry.


A story told in contemporary poetry, where the journey from victim to victor is not always an easy path to tread.

The reader is taken on a roller-coaster of emotions as the woman at the core overcomes several modern-day challenges like relationship breakdown, loss, anorexia, and change, and seizes back her confidence.

The Way Back Home by Elle Smith is a profound and blistering collection of poems, which cut to the core of hardship and triumph.

Masterfully crafted from the boundless talent of Elle Smith, The Way Back Home draws a fine line between elegant writing and life-changing symbolism, tackling the journey from victim to victor, all told through poems written from one woman’s perspective.

The book forces readers to confront situations and view them with alternative perspectives, using stunning poetry and clever similes to create brilliant imagery.

It’s a powerful and uplifting cocktail that runs free in every line of The Way Back Home. It’s so much more than a book of poetry, and will leave readers reconsidering every shred of their existence.


The Hands of Time

We all begin at the same place,
Some are small and others tall,
And yet with these differences we celebrate.
We grow, we learn and build our lives,
Some find happiness and others pain,
And yet with these attributes, our lives reverberate.
We enter a world where we can travel and meet,
Some find opportunities and others remain.
And yet with these mixes we manage to accommodate.
We speak in many tongues and dialects
Some use signs, expressions and others words
And yet with all these barriers we adapt to communicate.
We get time unearned and indefinite,
Some use every minute and others waste.
And yet with time still counting we learn to hate.
We all have many differences and qualities,
Some are black and others white
And yet with all the diversity we need to learn, to appreciate.

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About the author

Elle Smith is a passionate author, contemporary artist, and fashionista who is based in London in the United Kingdom. She is a multi award-winning creative for her art and poetry, and a master of her craft as she composes stunning art paintings and beautiful, inspirational poetry.

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