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Guest Post by Tina Ruiz

When my children were little, I took several courses over a seven year period to learn how to write children’s books. It was an amazing time period watching my children grow up, and I used a lot of their adventures as inspiration to write 27 stories. Most of them went to the Canada Board of Education and were put into Kindergarten, and Grades 1, 2, and 3 readers, but a few of them landed on the shelves in Coles, W.H. Smith, and other well-known book stores in our area.

After my husband of 25 years passed away, I began to journal as a way to get through the emotional pain. A friend of mine read my scribbles and decided that I had written an incredible romance novel. While I was trying to disagree with her, she had it published. A couple of years later, I wrote a brief summary of what it was like to be single and dating. She read those pages, and again, had it turned into a novel.

My dear friend continued to do that for the next seven books, and then she moved away. I have taken a few more courses in order to learn how to become a better writer, and then I stole the task of getting my books published. I now have 11 romance novels on the market, with two more in the works.

Two years ago, my oldest granddaughter asked me to please re-write my children’s stories. She now has two little boys of her own—Harlin and Raistlin—and she would love for them to grow up reading what she did when she was little. That’s how Blitzen Learns How to Fly came about. I dug deep down into the child part of my soul, and I ended up writing this Christmas storybook for all of my eight grandbabies. I loved everything about that familiar experience, and have just completed a Halloween children’s storybook, which is due out on August 1, 2019.

I forgot how calming it is to write for the little people in my life, and now I will relish in the fact that these stories will be read by many generations to come.


Here’s a peek at Tina’s storybook, Blitzen Learns How to Fly


Blitzen was born at the North Pole, but he is unable to fly. Because of that, he is taunted and called names by the other reindeer. Rudy saw what was happening and he decided to teach Blitzen how to gain some confidence. And with a little magic powder from Santa, Blitzen is not only able to fly, but he becomes part of Santa’s famous team.

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About the author

Tina Ruiz was born in Germany a little more than 60 years ago. Her family came to Canada when she was of school age and she has been there ever since. When her kids were little, she wrote 27 children’s books, worked in television and radio, and worked as a professional clown at the Children’s Hospital. Now, in 2018, Ruiz is newly married to a very wonderful man. She is sharing her children and grandbabies with him, and is in the throes of writing a new children’s book.

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