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We’re looking for guest blog posts that teach by storytelling, and that tell “the story behind the story” of your book — posts that book readers will find interesting (so interesting they will want to read your book!). Show readers your voice and your creativity.

Here’s what to send

A post (no longer than 500 words) in one of four topic areas:

1. Information on research you did while writing the book (sharing what you learned on a particular topic)

2. A story about an animal in your book

3. History or travel anecdotes related your book

4. A craft project included in or related to your book (no recipes please)

Here’s what to include with your post

–Your author picture

–Your bio and contact information (blog, social media)

–Your book cover, buy link, blurb, and excerpt

–An appropriate image to illustrate your post. Remember to respect the copyright and work of illustrators, photographers, and artists. Be *sure* the image you send is properly attributed and credited, and that the image is available for use.

Here’s what to expect

–No fee charged or pay offered for posts.

–As a courtesy, during the week your post goes live, we ask that you share a link to the post of at least one other author featured on the site.

–Please monitor and respond to comments for a day or two after your post is published.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While books of most genres are acceptable, readers of all ages visit this blog and posts *must* be family friendly.

**Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes to your post, or if we’re unable to publish your post.**

Full disclosure: We’ll use an affiliate tag on your book buy link to help us pay for this site. The affiliate link won’t increase the cost of your book to the buyer, nor reduce your royalty.

Read all the guidelines above? Ready to submit a guest blog post? Email a Word document (html formatting not required) to editor -at- Include your author picture, book cover, and post image as attachments to the email. (If your images are large, please use jpeg-optimizer to resize them. It’s free.)